Milledgeville Pickleball Club

Growing Pickleball in Lake Country and Central Georgia

Who We Are

Milledgeville Pickleball Club is a registered nonprofit organization incorporated to:

  • Provide clinics, coaching staff, and local events to help promote and grow the sport of pickleball in the Community.
  • Provide the Community with pickleball equipment, services, and facilities that are not provided for by local governments.
  • Support the growth of the support by providing training and opportunities for the schools, community, and interested organizations to engage in the sport of pickleball.
  • Provide clinics, coaching staff, and local events to help promote and grow the sport of pickleball in the Community.
  • Work closely with local government, parks and recreation staff, colleges, schools, and other groups in the Community to coordinate efforts on behalf of the sport.
  • Promote the pursuit of pickleball as a team sport and outdoor activity that promotes healthy lifestyles, exercise, helps reduce obesity, addresses the impacts of sedentary lifestyles, and promotes fair play and new friendships.
  • Promote the involvement of the Community by coordinating all supporting, funding, and growing pickleball-related activities for the Community.
  • Encourage attendance at pickleball-related functions and total community support of the Club and its activities.

  • Ensure recognition for the Community investment in facilities and tourism efforts.
  • Raise money through various activities to support the purposes of the Club.
  • Apply for available grants and provide grants to the Community for facilities, programs, maintenance, management, promotion, and training for pickleball and adjacent efforts.
  • Actively participate in State and National governing bodies for the sport of pickleball.


MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open to any person who subscribes to the purpose and function of the Milledgeville Pickleball.

Current Club hosted and funded projects:

  • Windscreens for the courts are on order
  • Beginner and advanced coaching sessions facilitated
  • Storage shed for equipment
  • Hosting and running of District Georgia Recreation and Parks Association (GRPA) qualifying matches
  • Hosted Fundraising match at Georgia College and State University

Your current board members (terms ending November 2023):

  • Don Smith, President
  • Richard King, VP of Operations
  • Eva Galova, VP of Fundraising
  • Barbara Agee, Treasurer
  • Tim Sestak, VP of Skills and Technical Development
  • Collette King, Secretary
  • Stephanie Spivey, VP of Leagues and Community Play
  • Brett Boston, Pickleball Ambassador for Baldwin and Putnam
  • Parke Kallenberg, Financial Management

Please send any questions or comments to